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Aari MíChole

The Stylist, Educator, & Entrepreneur

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Aari MíChole is an experienced and talented natural hair stylist sought by many. Aari began braiding at the tender age 8 years old when her bonus dad had her braiding his thick, curly hair. She began to venture into braiding her own hair with braid hair in middle school. When she began her high school career, her friends realized she had been braiding her own hair and wanted her to braid theirs.

Her friends allowed her to grow her skill in scalp braiding, micro braids, and loc retwists. She enjoyed doing their hair, but she had no desire in carrying the skill after graduation. Aari continued doing hair up until she had her first son at the young age of 20 years old. At that time, Aari was in her 2nd full year of college studying finance and was working with a national bank. She finally gave up doing hair, although many of her clients were not happy.

Aari spent the next several years working with the bank and finishing school to become an investment advisor representative. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Finance and was immediately hired with Merrill Lynch where she obtained her Series 7 and Series 66 Securities designations.

In her second year with Merrill Lynch, Aari was pregnant with her second son and became a stay-at-home mom/wife. In her time at home, Aari felt something was missing and that she was not utilizing all her gifts and talents to their fullest extent.

In 2014, Aari moved her securities licenses to another financial firm so she could work independently and for herself. Learning great tools of the entrepreneur trade, she decided in 2017 to reincorporate her other skill back into her life: hair. Many changes happened in her life after she became a stay-at-home mom. Aari began homeschooling her children in 2015. Aari’s younger brother died suddenly. Aari’s husband lost his job and ran into a mountain of legal issues for the first time. Aari felt she needed to step up and make some things happen.

In 2017, Aari stepped back into the ring of doing hair during a time her family was at an all-time low. She entered an era of hair braiding that was new to her and she had to learn the new techniques of hair braiding. She initially quietly told her old clients that she was doing hair again. She had no intention of doing hair for a long time or to do it full time. However, her clients had other plans for her.

She taught herself many of the skills that she possesses today. Other skills that she wanted to sharpen and get further education on, she reached out to skilled stylists in her area and attended classes. She added value to the services she provided.

Currently, she has grown exponentially as a natural hair artist who works from her home. She has smashed all stereotypes of stylists who work from home. She still homeschools her sons and her nephew. Her business has grown to close to six figures from only doing hair. In 2020 during the pandemic, she ventured into natural hair care products known as Natural Essence. She also released a guided journal series called Return to Natural. She has begun teaching skill classes for braiding and locs as well as business classes for the young teen entrepreneur seeking to grow a business in the hair services industry. Aari is set to release branded products to the public and become a household name around the world.

Jasmyne Perez

Herbalist, RN

Herbalist Head Shot

From a young age, Jasmyne has always had a heart for helping others restore themselves by way of the earth. There had always been an interest in the beauty and rejuvenating factors the world has to offer. At the age of seven, Jasmyne read books about alternative medicine.  The passionate venture continued from there.

Shortly before graduating high school, Jasmyne saw an opportunity to seize. One where she could help those in need. Jasmyne decided to go to college. She wanted to be a registered nurse at an office or with labor and delivery. While in School, Jasmyne dedicated her time, energy, and mental capacity to absorbing knowledge.

Jasmyne did exceptionally well in college and aced her state nursing exams. Because of this, Jasmyne was allowed to work as a registered nurse in the emergency department shortly after obtaining her license. It did not take long for Jasmyne to rise to the top. After working in the emergency department for nearly a half-decade. Jasmine knew she had more to offer. Jasmine applied and was offered a position as an office nurse.

Jasmyne quickly grew into loving her new position as she worked closely with physicians providing exceptional care to clients. Jasmyne realized she obtained a goal but knew she had more to offer by way of holistic healing. Jasmyne decided to grow her knowledge in herbalism. She began creating elixirs to help those with common ailments. Today, she is a certified herbalist.

Jasmyne has transitioned her knowledge and skills into creating hair care products, commonly known as Natural Essence. Jasmyne continues to master holistic care, restoring and rejuvenating one life at a time.

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