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Aari MíChole

The Stylist, Educator, & Entrepreneur

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Aari MíChole is a highly skilled natural hair stylist with a remarkable journey. Her passion for braiding and hair care began at the age of 8 when she started by braiding her bonus dad's thick, curly hair. In middle school, she ventured into braiding her own hair, and by high school, her friends noticed her talent and asked her to braid their hair.

As Aari's friends allowed her to hone her skills in scalp braiding, micro braids, and loc retwists, her talent continued to flourish. However, after the birth of her first son at the age of 20, she temporarily left the world of hairstyling to focus on her college education in finance and her career at a national bank.

Aari graduated with a bachelor's degree in Finance and worked at Merrill Lynch, earning her Series 7 and Series 66 Securities designations. After becoming a stay-at-home mom and realizing a desire to utilize her full range of talents, Aari transitioned her career path, moving her securities licenses to another financial firm in 2014, allowing her to work independently.

In 2017, Aari reintroduced her hairstyling skills during a challenging period for her family. She embraced new hair braiding techniques and self-taught many of the skills she now possesses. Aari's dedication to her craft led her to seek further education and mentorship from experienced stylists, ultimately enhancing the quality of services she provides.

In 2022, Aari MíChole reached a significant milestone by relocating to a leased shop location, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her journey. At this new space, Aari expanded her offerings to include on-site classes, allowing individuals to learn from her expertise firsthand. Moreover, clients can conveniently purchase the renowned Natural Essence Haircare line on-site, further enhancing the customer experience.

With the transition to the new shop location, Aari's life underwent a transformation as well. She made the decision to entrust her sons' education to dedicated professionals, no longer homeschooling them, allowing her to focus more wholly on her burgeoning business and the exciting ventures that lie ahead. Aari MíChole continues to break boundaries and is on the path to becoming a household name worldwide.

Jasmyne Perez

Herbalist, RN

Herbalist Head Shot

From a young age, Jasmyne has possessed a deep-seated passion for facilitating the restoration of individuals through the profound connection with nature. Her fascination with the Earth's innate beauty and its power to rejuvenate has been a constant source of inspiration. At the tender age of seven, Jasmyne delved into the realms of alternative medicine through avidly reading books, igniting the flames of her passionate journey.

As she neared the culmination of her high school years, Jasmyne recognized a promising opportunity on the horizon—a chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. This realization prompted her decision to pursue higher education, with a clear aspiration to become a registered nurse specializing in office or labor and delivery settings. Throughout her academic journey, Jasmyne exhibited unwavering dedication, channeling her time, energy, and intellectual capacity into the acquisition of knowledge.

Her exceptional performance in college culminated in the successful completion of state nursing exams, subsequently earning her the privilege of working as a registered nurse in the demanding environment of the emergency department. With resilience and determination, Jasmyne quickly ascended to a position of distinction, establishing herself as a leader during her nearly five-year tenure in the emergency department. However, she intuitively sensed that her potential extended beyond this role, prompting her to pursue new horizons.

Jasmyne's ambition led her to transition into an office nursing role, where she embraced the opportunity to collaborate closely with physicians, delivering exemplary care to their patients. Yet, her innate desire for holistic healing remained a driving force, leading her to expand her expertise into the realm of herbalism. Through her studies, she developed the art of crafting elixirs to aid those grappling with common ailments, ultimately achieving certification as a herbalist.

Today, Jasmyne has harnessed her diverse knowledge and skills to create hair care products under the banner of Natural Essence. Her journey continues as she dedicates herself to mastering the art of holistic care, unwaveringly committed to the restoration and rejuvenation of lives, one individual at a time.

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